Apps vs Mobile Web

As a business, when you develop and deploy information to the mobile world there are a multitude of things to be considered.

You have a team of really talented and technical IT staff that could do the work, but can they really? If your staff are not constantly working in the mobile sphere how relevant are their skill sets, what was covered at University even a year or so back is no longer best practice. The world of mobiles changes almost daily, the pace of development is frenetic in both hardware and software. The mobile platform on which your customers will consume information will have a lifespan of a couple of years at most.

Recently there has been much discussion around developing a mobile web site that can be viewed by any phone with a browser against the overhead of developing multiple programmed applications for the various phone platforms. On the surface the idea of one website seems simple, the reality though is anything but. Every model of phone has a different screen size, optimising for that is non-trivial, added to which are a multitude of mobile browsers all with their own quirks which need testing and catering to.

The technical team at Pocketware provide objective advice on the best technical approach to use depending on the particular business needs and issues such as stability, security and access to individual platform hardware for the wide range of devices and technologies currently available. Recent developments like HTML5 are blurring the boundaries between native apps and websites, an understanding of the pros and cons of these options in addition to the current skill sets to utilise them is critical to your mobile development.